Leaves to Leaf Compost: Preparing for Fall

leaf pile

As temperatures begin to drop and football season begins, that can only mean one thing – fall is approaching! There is no better season in Ohio than the fall. The leaves begin to change color and the weather is perfect for enjoying warm coffee and toasty campfires. However, it can also be a bit of…

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An Overview on Aggregates: When to Use What

gravel garden path

Kurtz Bros. is proud to offer a variety of landscape aggregates, specifically various types of limestone, gravel, and sand. But what exactly is the difference between these types, and how will you know when to use each variety? Let us give you a breakdown of each of these aggregates to make your decision a little…

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Preparing for Bulk Delivery

bulk mulch

Believe it or not, the 2021 summer season is already winding down! As we approach the fall season ahead, it seems like the perfect time to provide some insight regarding bulk delivery for future projects.  Our Bulk Delivery Process Whether you are preparing to complete some projects this fall or you are already planning ahead…

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Brood X Cicadas: Lawn & Garden Concerns

Brood X Cicada

Just when we were all feeling the relief of making it through 2020 and COVID-19, here come the Brood X cicadas! After spending 17 years underground, the cicada swarms have finally emerged, and they are causing some anxiety about how to handle them if they invade your yard. Let us provide some insight on what…

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Rethinking Aggregates in Your Landscape Plans

Garden Bench & Gravel

New inspiration for yard and garden care is all around us. Whether you see some ideas on HGTV, Pinterest, or your local nursery, you may be realizing that your own space could use a bit of an update. Aggregates may be the perfect option for you!  Aggregates are small materials that are used to enhance…

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What to Look for in a Wholesale Landscape Supplier

Home Landscaping

Here at Kurtz Bros., we realize your time is valuable. As spring approaches, you’ll be in need of your annual yard and garden supplies, and we want to make your experience as simple and smooth as possible.  While wholesale suppliers do have some similarities, there are also important differences to recognize before beginning outdoor preparation…

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Landscaping Trends for 2021

Though 2020 came with fewer gatherings and get-togethers, it did allow for more time in the garden. Don’t let all the hard work you put into your landscaping last summer fade away! Even though the nationwide snow storms and cold temperatures may not scream “landscape planning” right now, it’s never too early to begin mapping…

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Planning Your Lawn & Garden for Next Year

You have now secured your yard for the harsh winter months. That means now is the time to reflect on your lawn and garden successes from the past year and to focus on what improvements can be made moving forward! Grab yourself a cup of hot tea or some cocoa, and begin with some self-reflection. …

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What You Can Do This Winter for a Better Yard Season Next Year

Temperatures have dropped, the air has become crisp, and there is snow in the forecast. That’s right – Ohio winter has arrived! Now that the leaves have cleared away, and winter has set in, you may be thinking it’s goodbye to yard chores until springtime, right?  Actually, no! Winter seems like the time of year…

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Preparing Your Lawn & Garden for Cooler Months

Fall is officially here! In addition to visiting pumpkin patches, enjoying football games, and treating yourself to your favorite autumn-inspired beverage, there is another task that should be at the top of your fall to-do list: Preparing your lawn and garden for winter.  What do I need to do in the fall to prepare my…

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