Bagged Mulch

Want our high quality mulch but also the convenience and flexibility of bags?  We bag many of our own mulches.  Our mulches come in 2 cubic foot bags which are easy to load and move around your landscape.  We also offer pine products in 3 cubic foot bags.  Please note that bags are only available for pick up at Westerville, Nursery and Dublin locations.

Bag Deliveries

Please note our bag deliveries are scheduled for the day, the time of the delivery will be determined by how many loads there are for the day and the location. The driver will call 30 minutes when they are on their way to your delivery. Also the driver is not able to drop the material in more then two locations and the 2nd location must be within a mile of the 1st location. The bags are delivered on a flat bed truck with a moffett on the back to unload the bags on a pallet. Any bag deliveries over 4 pallets will be subject to an additional delivery charge. Residential bag deliveries are delivered by Supplies Dash.


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Cubic Yard Calculator

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Everblack 2cf bag

$4.75 per bag

Everbrown Mulch 2cf bag

$4.75 per bag

Amerimulch Black 2 cf bag

$4.75 per bag

Custom Hardwood 2cf bag

$3.60 per bag
Pine Bark Mulch 3 cubic ft bag

Pine Mulch 3 cf bag

$13.50 per bag
Pine Bark Mini Nuggets 3 cubic ft bag

Pine Mini Nuggets 3 cf bag

$13.50 per bag
Pine Bark Nuggets 3 cubic ft bag

Pine Nuggets 3 cf bag

$13.50 per bag

Sweet Peet 1.5 cf bag

$10.00 per bag