Rethinking Aggregates in Your Landscape Plans

New inspiration for yard and garden care is all around us. Whether you see some ideas on HGTV, Pinterest, or your local nursery, you may be realizing that your own space could use a bit of an update. Aggregates may be the perfect option for you! 

Aggregates are small materials that are used to enhance landscaping, often including sand, gravel, limestones, and loam. These products can add unique textures and colors to your landscape as well as volume and stability, which can really enhance the overall aesthetics of your yard. Are you interested in learning more about how these materials can be utilized in your own space? Read on! 

What are the benefits of using aggregates in my landscaping?

If you are thinking about an aggregate update to your landscaping, keep in mind that there are multiple benefits that come with this decision. Some of the prominent advantages of using aggregates include:

Easy Installation

Sometimes the thought of all the necessary preparation before an update can deter a person away from going through with it at all! Luckily, there is very little prep work that comes with an aggregate update. All you need to do to prepare is dig out about five centimeters of dirt to create a space for the materials. Additionally, you can lay down a fabric weed barrier prior to laying the aggregates to prevent unwanted growth.   

Simple Maintenance

As soon as the aggregates have been laid out, there is not much to do to maintain beauty and functionality! The very limited up-keep of these materials is definitely one of its greatest benefits. All you’ll have to do is occasionally pull a few weeds that may pop through the decorative rock, but that is pretty much it! 


At various prices per ton, these materials are not overly expensive. But more importantly, due to the stability of aggregate materials, you will not be responsible for yearly updates, which can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. 


Another great advantage of aggregates is their versatility. With the various types, colors, shapes, patterns, and textures of these materials, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your specific landscaping needs. 

Water Conservation

A yard full of lush green grass can be an absolutely beautiful enhancement to your landscape. However, if you struggle to manage all the upkeep that comes with cutting and watering, if you suffer from severe allergies, or if you live in a location with extreme temperatures or drought, maybe an aggregate replacement would be perfect for you. Because of the limited upkeep that comes with landscaping rocks and gravel, making the switch may not only alleviate your stress but also serve as an excellent option for conserving water. Aggregates do not need to be watered consistently like many types of grass, florals, and other plants. These materials are viable in all types of weather, including intense heat, bitter cold, or extremely wet or dry conditions. 

What are the main types of aggregates for landscaping?

After learning about some of the benefits of aggregates for landscaping, you might be wondering which type would best suit your space. There are several types of aggregates to choose from, including:

  • Gravel & Limestone
    • The combination of gravel and various stones can brighten up your landscape with new colors. You can also choose between smaller or larger stones*, depending on which area of your yard you are updating. Smaller pieces would be perfect for adding a little texture around the garden beds, while larger stones* would be perfect for paths and walkways.
  • Loam
    • The combination of sand and clay is called loam, which is an excellent type of aggregate to improve draining issues in your landscape or to help retain water for more hydrated plants.
  • Sand
    • Sand aggregates come in a variety of colors, ranging from lighter earth tones to deeper, fuller shades. Sand is a great option for restoring surfaces, filling areas, or creating a safe play place for children.  

Kurtz Bros. carries a wide array of aggregates for your landscape projects. We are proud to offer various limestones and limestone screening, different types of gravel, and concrete and mason sand. 

* we do not carry large stones or boulders at any of our locations.

How do I choose what aggregates to use?

When determining which type of aggregate is right for you, you first need to determine the need of your landscape. What type of project are you thinking of completing? The type of update you are considering will determine which aggregate is best to use. 

The various colors, patterns, textures, and sizes of the aggregate materials allow for infinite combinations and designs. Consider the following landscaping trends when making the choice for which aggregate to use:


  • Driveways
  • Ground coverings
  • Raised beds
  • Borders
  • Playground material


  • Pathways
  • Water features
  • Garden appeal


  • Drainage enhancement
  • Restoration
  • Children’s play area

If you have any questions about the specific types of aggregates we offer, feel free to give one of our experts a call! 

Best way to order aggregates?

Ready to place an order? You can visit any of our five Columbus locations to purchase your material, or you can order online. Check out our website to select the type of aggregate you’d like and to get an idea about our pricing. Each type of aggregate is sold per ton. Our website even offers a Cubic Yard Calculator to help you determine exactly how much material you’ll need to give your landscape an aggregate update!

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