Leaves to Leaf Compost: Preparing for Fall

As temperatures begin to drop and football season begins, that can only mean one thing – fall is approaching! There is no better season in Ohio than the fall. The leaves begin to change color and the weather is perfect for enjoying warm coffee and toasty campfires. However, it can also be a bit of a hassle to manage all of the fallen leaves throughout the season. Let us provide some insight about what to do with all of the leaves in your yard. 

What should I do with the leaves when they fall?

Sure, watching the leaves in your yard change color and fall to the ground is one of the most beautiful parts of this season! But it is also overwhelming to keep up with the constant raking and bagging of the leaves, which also begs the question, what should you do with all those leaves? 

At Kurtz Bros., we have the perfect solution for you – compost! We are proud to offer a yard waste recycling program that can turn your fallen leaves into a beneficial and environmentally-friendly product. 

How do I bring in yard waste?

We take a great deal of pride in our yard waste recycling program. It has been our mission for more than 20 years to promote and develop green alternatives to landfilling.

In order to take advantage of this program, the first thing you have to do is bag up your yard waste in paper lawn bags. This includes fallen leaves, twigs and branches, grass clippings, and mulch. If the bags are not recyclable paper yard waste bags, then you will need to empty them and take the bags with you.  If they are paper recyclable bags (without plastic liner), you can leave the bags. However, our yard inspector may still ask you to empty them to check the contents. Since the yard waste and leaves you bring in will be used to make mulch and compost, we are very strict about keeping forbidden items out of our compost stream. 

Next, choose one of our convenient locations for the drop-off. Keep in mind – we invite all Franklin County residents to drop off their yard trimmings at no charge! For logs larger than 8 feet in length or 19 inches in diameter, they can only be dropped off at the Frank Rd location for a fee of $45 per ton.

For more information about this program, what we take, what we will not accept, and what charges might be required, be sure to visit our Yard Waste Recycling page.  

What does KB do with the leaves? 

In the fall, we will ask our customers to dump their leaves in a separate pile from our general yard waste.  These leaves will be ground, composted, and screened to make leaf compost.  The leaf compost is sold in bags and bulk, and it is also used in our Custom Hardwood mulch and soil blends.

What is compost? 

Compost is a collection of natural ingredients, such as organic materials and plant waste, that are recycled and then can be used to fertilize your lawn and garden. This mixture is incredibly valuable to your soil because it provides rich nutrients in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way.

Kurtz Bros. offers several types of compost that can all add vital nutrients to your landscape. Our featured composts include earth blend leaf compost, com-til, and sweet peet. 

  • Earth Blend Leaf Compost – Created from decomposed leaf matter and can be used as mulch or as a nutrient-rich soil conditioner, especially in planting beds and vegetable gardens. 
  • Com-Til – Locally produced and can be used as a fertilizer, soil conditioner or mulch on flower beds. 
  • Sweet Peet –  Created from ingredients harvested locally, this product is best used as a lawn top dressing and soil amendment for flower and vegetable gardens. 

For more details about our pricing and recommendations for each type, browse our composts here

Why should I use compost in my garden & landscape? What are the benefits? 

Composting is a beneficial option for your personal landscape as well as the environment in general. When fallen leaves, lawn trimmings, and vegetable waste are recycled, these materials turn into a very nutritious material that can benefit your soil. Additionally, these materials are kept out of landfills. The more we can reuse organic materials and keep them out of hazardous landfills, the better!

Another benefit of using compost in your landscape is its versatility. Compost can be stored easily and used throughout the entire year, and also, it can enhance many areas of your lawn and garden.

How should I use compost in my garden & landscape?

Again, the versatility of compost is one of its greatest features. Some of the most common uses for compost include:

  • Mulch – Compost used as mulch can be added to your plants, bushes, and trees to help hold moisture and add nutrients. Just like with typical mulch, add 2 inches of compost mulch to your landscape for a healthy and beautiful-looking yard. 
  • Soil Enhancement – Compost that is incorporated into soil is extremely effective. Mixing compost with your potting soil provides supplemental nutrients to your plants, allowing them to thrive even more. 
  • Compost tea – Just like you would brew black or green tea, you can go through the same process with compost, too! Compost tea is the liquid that can be released from compost, which can be poured over flowers, plants, and shrubbery to provide additional benefits. 
  • Lawn enhancement – Adding a layer of compost to your lawn can provide a level of moisture that is great for grass. Your grass will have a nice green, healthy look if you let a few inches of compost settle into your lawn.

The best time to begin incorporating compost into your lawn and garden is now! As the fall season officially sets in, keep in mind that this is the ideal time to enrich your landscape by adding compost to your plants, lawn, and soil. Allow Kurtz Bros. to provide you with rich compost this fall season! Give us a call or visit our website to place an order. 

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