Fall Planting & Pruning

Rake + Leaves

An essential task during the fall (along with sipping on your favorite seasonal beverage) is to plant and prune your trees and shrubs correctly. For healthier, more beautiful landscaping next year, here’s some suggestions for what you should tackle this autumn season.  How Do I Care For My Trees and Shrubs in the Fall? With…

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Rethinking Aggregates in Your Landscape Plans

Garden Bench & Gravel

New inspiration for yard and garden care is all around us. Whether you see some ideas on HGTV, Pinterest, or your local nursery, you may be realizing that your own space could use a bit of an update. Aggregates may be the perfect option for you!  Aggregates are small materials that are used to enhance…

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Planning Your Annuals

Snapdragon Annuals

Now that spring has officially arrived in Ohio, there is no better time to begin prepping your garden. Planting annuals can be the perfect way to bring in some color and add beauty to your landscape. But do you know which annual is right for you? At Kurtz Bros, we are proud to offer a…

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Landscaping Trends for 2021

Though 2020 came with fewer gatherings and get-togethers, it did allow for more time in the garden. Don’t let all the hard work you put into your landscaping last summer fade away! Even though the nationwide snow storms and cold temperatures may not scream “landscape planning” right now, it’s never too early to begin mapping…

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Planning Your Lawn & Garden for Next Year

You have now secured your yard for the harsh winter months. That means now is the time to reflect on your lawn and garden successes from the past year and to focus on what improvements can be made moving forward! Grab yourself a cup of hot tea or some cocoa, and begin with some self-reflection. …

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Caring for your Grass & Plants in Hot Weather

When it comes to lawn care and gardening, creating a schedule that makes sense for your day-to-day is essential when planning for your week and months ahead. July and August, for instance, are times of vigorous growth and flowering, so it’s important to keep up your momentum! You have come so far, and you’ll be…

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Outdoor Plant Maintenance 101

So, you’ve planned your landscape, planted your seeds or seedlings, and you’re finally looking forward to enjoying the well-earned view of your beautifully kept yard. Now what? For seasoned gardeners, they know that this aspect of gardening is only just scratching the surface since maintaining a well-manicured and lovely-looking yard takes a little work and…

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Getting a Head Start on Seasonal Lawn & Garden Care

It’s no secret that we’re all spending more time at home. With the mandated stay-at-home order, looking around our home for projects to focus on may start becoming more of the norm. Some of us may have even rearranged the kitchen cabinets more than once already! Whatever stage of social distancing you are in the…

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Earth Blend Leaf Compost vs Comtil Plus Compost

Many people are starting to realize the benefits of home gardening—it’s good for the environment and for the overall health of all families. Whether you plan to grow fruit-bearing plants and trees or flowering varieties, choosing the right compost is an essential first step. Kurtz Bros of Central Ohio in Columbus, OH offers two high-quality…

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