Preparing for Bulk Delivery

Believe it or not, the 2021 summer season is already winding down! As we approach the fall season ahead, it seems like the perfect time to provide some insight regarding bulk delivery for future projects. 

Our Bulk Delivery Process

Whether you are preparing to complete some projects this fall or you are already planning ahead for next spring, there are some important tips to keep in mind regarding the Kurtz Bros. bulk landscaping delivery service. Take a look at what we offer and what we suggest to make your delivery experience the most effective and efficient.

Kurtz Bros. is proud to offer year-round delivery on our products. We have multiple delivery trucks, and we are always happy to work with you to figure out the best options to meet your needs. We do request a 24-hour notice for deliveries, if possible. Our deliveries are fast and efficient, and we are flexible when it comes to working around inclement weather. You can generally place an order with us by giving us a call or ordering online. Before placing an order, check out our yardage calculator to help determine the amount of material you need! 

For smaller orders of 1-10 yds of mulch, 1-9 yds of soil, or 1-9 tons of aggregates, accessing our website at is the easiest way to place an order.  For larger orders, however, it may be better to give us a call with your specific needs. As these larger orders can become more complex, keep in mind that it is our job to help make this process as convenient for you as possible. For example, oftentimes, having two single-axle deliveries is less expensive than one six-axle delivery. Since we are only able to deliver one material per delivery (unless there is a specific request to mix materials), we can definitely help you figure out the most efficient delivery options when you are ordering these large amounts of material.

After placing an order, one of our friendly customer service representatives will give you a call to verify your order, including your address, the material itself, the quantity, and any specific dump instructions. It is important to be prepared for this call so that we can confirm everything and avoid delaying a delivery. Additionally, if you are not able to be home to accept the delivery, clearly marking the desired dump area is required. Sidewalk chalk is a great option for this!

Why would I decide to do bulk delivery over managing on my own?

Plain and simple – bulk delivery is definitely the least expensive option when ordering large amounts of mulch, stones, compost, soil, etc. for your yard. And of course, at KB, we believe our flexible and efficient delivery services provide excellent service as well as customer convenience. 

What should I expect with bulk delivery?

We can typically get a delivery out within 24 hours, and we have various trucks and services to best meet your needs. 

Our delivery policy is as follows:
“Any truck making a typical delivery will drop material on the driveway or any paved path or road.  Our trucks are not capable of driving off a paved road onto lawns or into backyards.  Additionally, our trucks will need to have vertical clearance free from trees, power lines, basketball hoops, etc. when dumping the material.”

Depending on the size of your order, the pile of material will likely take up most of the width of your driveway. We always advise our customers to remove cars from the garage to avoid getting stuck behind your new material. We also advise our customers to lay down a large piece of tarp, if possible, to avoid any stains on your drive and to ensure an easier cleanup. While you do not need to be home to accept a delivery, just be sure to clearly mark the area in which you would like the delivery to be made. 

Additionally, keep in mind that if rain is expected or if the product will remain on your driveway for several days, it’s a good idea to have another tarp to cover the material, keeping it drier and easier to work with once you are ready. 

What should I expect from the delivery driver? What can and can’t they do?

Once you have prepped your driveway for the delivery, what should you expect next? While expectations may vary a bit depending on the size of your order, here’s what you can generally await:

What can my delivery driver do? 

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Deliver the material quickly and efficiently 
  • Arrive within 24 hours
  • Place the delivery in a clearly marked location
  • Dump the material on a paved and level surface

What can my delivery driver not do? 

  • Drive on lawns or uneven areas
  • Deliver the material without proper clearance from obstructions
  • Drop the material at a slope/angle
  • “Tailgate” the material 

Here are some other general expectations to consider, depending on the size of your order: 

  • Single-Axle Dump Truck
    • Most delivery drivers will arrive on single-axle dump trucks. These trucks are typically used for smaller orders in residential neighborhoods, hauling 1-10 yards of mulch/compost or 1-9 yards of soil/tons of aggregates
    • These trucks require a minimum of 9 feet in width and 11 feet in height to access the property. When the truck bed is raised to dump the material, there must be at least 16-18 feet without obstructions (branches, phone or electric wires, awnings, etc.)
    • Additionally, the truck will need to stay on paved and level surfaces, such as a driveway or street, and they are not able to “tailgate” or spread the material as they move forward
  • Six-Axle Dump Truck/Walking Floor Dump Truck  
    • For larger orders, our delivery drivers would arrive in our six-axle dump truck. These trucks haul 11-35 yards of mulch/compost or 10-20 yards of soil/tons of aggregates, and they require 30 feet of clearance when dumping the material
    • You can expect to see these trucks on larger job sites
    • Our delivery drivers may also arrive in a walking floor truck, which is a semi-sized trailer, if your order requires more than 35 yards of mulch   

Advice on using my bulk supplies?

We think you are making the right choice by choosing to have your material delivered in bulk! Ordering in bulk is almost always less expensive than bags, and the order/delivery process is so simple.   

All you’ll really need to worry about after placing an order with us is having the proper tools to move the material after delivery. You’ll definitely want to invest in a shovel, pitchfork, wheelbarrow, rake, and broom. These tools will be a true investment because you will get continued use out of them each year. 

Our last piece of advice is to place the order and schedule the delivery when you are truly ready for the material. We advise our customers not to order too far in advance because the bulk material will take up quite a bit of room in the middle of your drive. You certainly don’t want to worry about maneuvering around your mulch or constantly worrying about covering it up in case of bad weather. Plan on having the materials delivered when you are ready to use them! If you’d like to learn a little more about our delivery service and what we offer, check out our website!

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