What to Look for in a Wholesale Landscape Supplier

Here at Kurtz Bros., we realize your time is valuable. As spring approaches, you’ll be in need of your annual yard and garden supplies, and we want to make your experience as simple and smooth as possible. 

While wholesale suppliers do have some similarities, there are also important differences to recognize before beginning outdoor preparation for spring. It is important to consider the culture of the supplier, the products and services offered, and how the supplier can meet your specific needs. 

Of course, we believe that we offer the best services and products in the Columbus area, but here are a few points to consider when researching which local wholesale suppliers best meet your needs:

Do They Value Your Time? 

Time is money for all people and businesses, especially landscapers. You want to consider how your supplier values your time with placing orders and managing pick-ups and deliveries. 

At KB, we know how precious your time is. Most of our locations have a drive thru window to ensure that you are in and out as quickly as possible.  If you’d prefer to have your products delivered, we generally just need one day’s notice.  Additionally, we provide each of our wholesale customers with a dedicated sales, service, and customer service representative.

Do They Have What You Are Looking For? 

When it comes to your lawn and garden goals, have you thought about the products you need? Have you considered the services you are looking for? 

Here are some specific products to consider:

  • Mulches
  • Aggregates 
  • Composts
  • Soils

Luckily for you, Kurtz Bros. offers a variety of each of these products! We have multiple mulches with various colors and textures to choose from and numerous aggregates, such as gravel, sand, and limestone. We also carry a few types of soil and composts, as well as bagged soil and composts. 

As for services, what other “adjacent” service offerings would be helpful to you? Here are the ones we believe to be most significant:

  • Yard Waste Recycling
  • Nursery
  • Mulch Delivery
  • Expertise & Knowledge 

The yard waste recycling program at Kurtz Bros. is a great one! The service is consistent in terms of both pricing and which items are or are not accepted, and it is offered to all Franklin County residents. Please visit our site for more information about our yard waste recycling program. 

KB also offers a beautiful nursery with competitive pricing and a wide selection. We allow our customers to pre-order, place a special order, and expedite pick-up. Whether you are looking for trees and grasses or perennials and annuals, our nursery is the place to go! In addition, if you are looking for something specific that we don’t carry, we are happy to order it for you.

Mulch delivery is another essential service offered by Kurtz Bros. Our year-round service offers flexibility, fast delivery, and of course, professionalism. Click here to learn more about this offer.  

Finally, the most important service that a wholesale landscape supplier should offer is expertise. Whether tackling a small or large project in your yard or garden, you need to be able to ask questions when necessary. We are proud to employ knowledgeable staff members who can answer your questions, make recommendations for your projects, or provide assistance in any area.  

How Is the Quality of Their Products?

There is nothing more frustrating than investing your time and money into a product just to find out that the quality is poor. It can also be incredibly frustrating when a supplier changes pricing and offerings when you didn’t expect it. Don’t let these mistakes happen to you! Choose a company whose products you trust and who will remain consistent with their customers. 

Kurtz Bros. is proud to offer top-of-the-line products with both quality and variety. Multiple grades of mulch, a number of stones and soils, and a wide selection in our nursery are all available to our customers. We are also candid and consistent with our prices, so you will never be caught off guard.  

How Do They Partner With You?

When it comes to partnering, you should be able to have open communication with your supplier about the products and services you desire. At Kurtz Bros., we are a preferred vendor for multiple Central Ohio landscapers with a staff dedicated to meeting the landscaping needs of our customers. We aim to be a one-stop shop that enables you to drop off your yard waste, and load up on your products at the same location. While KB is designed for commercial customers, we are also open for retail sales. Please visit one of our five locations in Columbus or contact us here. 

Once again, at Kurtz Bros., we believe we provide excellent products, service, and quality to our customers. If you have any further questions about how we stand out from other wholesale suppliers, please give us a call. 


  1. Bob Krsak on April 8, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    Great service and product from Alexandria and Westerville locations.

    • Jeff on April 15, 2021 at 9:38 am

      Thanks for the kind words Bob. It’s our pleasure to serve customers such as yourself.

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