What You Can Do This Winter for a Better Yard Season Next Year

Temperatures have dropped, the air has become crisp, and there is snow in the forecast. That’s right – Ohio winter has arrived! Now that the leaves have cleared away, and winter has set in, you may be thinking it’s goodbye to yard chores until springtime, right? 

Actually, no! Winter seems like the time of year where all you have to worry about is shoveling, but there are actually a few things you can do during the winter season to prepare for a more beautiful yard when spring sets in. 

What yard chores can I do in the winter?

Believe it or not – the brisk winter season is actually a great time to prepare for spring. There are some yard chores that need your attention, but you are often too busy during the spring, summer, and fall to complete them. 

Winter provides a much-needed opportunity for some lawn and tool maintenance to make your life easier come spring. Here are some yard chores you can do when the cold, frosty season hits: 

  • Prune your shrubs to give your plants a healthy boost by removing damaged, diseased, or dead branches.
  • Give your mower and other yard tools a thorough cleaning and remove any build up of dirt, grass, or debris.
  • Tighten, repair, or replace any loose/damaged parts to your mower and tools. 
  • Sharpen your mower blades to ensure a clean, even cut when you fire up the machine again in a few months. 
  • Store your mower, leaf blowers, edgers, etc. in a dry and safe place to keep them in their best condition.

Why should I do these tasks?

While it may seem silly to spend time in the cold air pruning your plants, cleaning yard supplies, repairing damages, and storing your yard tools properly, it is actually a crucial step in making your life easier when springtime arrives. 

Pruning your shrubs allows your plants to have a healthy start when the warm weather kicks in again. Also, removing dead and damaged branches, twigs, and leaves helps stop the spread of disease. You certainly don’t want to deal with dead plants and shrubs after the winter season! 

Taking care of your yard tools is also a necessary step in maintaining a beautiful yard all year round. Yard tools are not cheap! You probably invested quite a bit of money into your lawn tools and supplies, right? With that being said, you should certainly invest some time and effort into keeping them in the best possible condition, too. In order to keep your supplies and tools working properly, some maintenance is required. Whether you are keeping your tools clean, repairing any damages, tightening or sharpening blades, or finding a clean/dry place for storage, all of these chores will help keep your tools working properly. When your tools are working properly, your yard can be beautiful! 

Sure, you may need to bundle up while you take care of these winter lawn chores, but you’ll be so glad you put in the extra time and effort when your spring to-do list is far less daunting!

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