Getting a Head Start on Seasonal Lawn & Garden Care

It’s no secret that we’re all spending more time at home. With the mandated stay-at-home order, looking around our home for projects to focus on may start becoming more of the norm. Some of us may have even rearranged the kitchen cabinets more than once already! Whatever stage of social distancing you are in the midst of, caring for your lawn and garden can be a great place to get some much-deserved fresh air. You have certainly earned it! 

Weather permitting, as things change quickly here in the midwest, we want to help cover your outside to-dos with garden and landscape items. Our goal is to create a head start for you on something that may otherwise feel daunting! 

Seasonal Lawn Care

You may not believe it, but there is something you can do in the garden every month of the year! From January through the fall, staging and prepping can bring on a lush garden bounty in the spring months. For instance, when the sun comes out in February and you’re given a dry day without rain or snow, heading into the greenhouse to scrub the windows is a great way to let more light in and keep your soil warmed through those colder months. 

One of the best gardening tips for early in the year is to focus on landscaping to keep your garden free of debris, which can set you up for success when the frost thaws. Pruning fallen limbs and shrubbery from pathways along with scrubbing mossy garden stone provides a nice facelift of sorts to your own backyard.

What to do with Yard Waste

It’s hard to remember what days the city comes by to pick up yard waste, and some cities may not be able to offer this service as the world is experiencing an unprecedented time. While your weekly municipal pick up may still be an option, there is also another way you can dispose of any yard waste.

At Kurtz Bros Central Ohio, we are proud to accept all Franklin County residents’ yard waste FREE of charge! As long as you are not a commercial business, we can help you out.

Your yard waste can be bagged or remain loose. We know this may be a time where it’s simply easier for you to haul it without bagging first. No sweat – we are happy to help! 

All bagged waste is subject to inspection, of course, as we aim to keep our staff safe. Items that we cannot accept are plastic and metal. We also ask that sod be separated from the rest of the yard waste so there is no cross-contamination. This ensures a safe and quick drop-off at any of the Central Ohio Kurtz Bros locations. 

For more than 28 years, we have worked with industry leaders to develop processes and procedures that take various waste materials and provide beneficial reuse, or a ‘green’ alternative, to landfilling. We proudly recycle and use much of the yard waste in our premium bulk mulches, soils, and composts to continue supporting your lawn and garden projects year after year! Visit this page full details on what we can and cannot accept!

Planting Grass

If your home improvement plans include growing your yard for more chances at backyard picnics with the kids, then looking into planting some grass seed is a perfect project to pass some time during quarantine! 

The best time of year for planting grass varies a bit depending on where you live, but, here in Ohio, the optimal season is early spring and/or fall. Since we are now officially in April, the timing of that couldn’t have lined up better!

Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass grow best in the midwest and northern parts of the United States. These are typically cool-season grasses that are built to last in our changing, unpredictable weather. However, be sure to wait to plant the seed until the temps are in the 60-70 Fahrenheit range. They grab the soil much easier in the warmer part of the day as sun and water really set the germination up. 

If you’re looking to simply fill in your lawn or overseed, spread the grass seed liberally across the yard. Then, be sure to water it well! You will want to water your newly planted grass seed 2-3 times per day in the early stages. This is true whether you are overseeding or starting on fresh soil. Once the grass has sprouted and begins to germinate, you can taper off watering to 1-2 times a day and gradually less as it fills in more throughout the yard. 

April Planting

In April, we can usually expect some warmer temperatures! However, we also can expect a lot more rain this month, and yes, even the occasional late frost. Keep protective items on hand during this month. Stake young plants to help them along, and be sure to place horticulture fleece down if the temps call for a chilly night. This will protect what you have started from frosting through and dying.

Asparagus, bush beans, beets, basil, and broccoli are all great options for an April sowing too. If you have plants that have been potted indoors, this is also a great time to move them to the outdoor flower beds or larger patio potters. 

Additionally, if you’re wanting to plant flowers this time of year, there are a few that sow well with the changing weather. Sunflowers, cosmos, and marigolds are all excellent flowers to work into your garden right now. Marigolds, in particular, are strong flowers that last through the first frost without damaging its integrity in your garden bed. 

We know that with a little guidance from our professionals, you can successfully landscape and garden no matter the time of year! Your seasonal lawn care needs are our lawn care needs. We are in this together!