How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

As we round the corner into a new year, that means the 2020 Christmas season has officially come to an end. Outdoor lights are coming down, stockings are being stored for next year, and Christmas ornaments are being placed back in their boxes. Now, you may be asking yourself, what should I do with my Christmas tree? In 2020, more people bought live Christmas trees than ever before. Do you know how to properly dispose of your tree? If not, let us give you some insight! 

What Options Do I Have for Christmas Tree Disposal?

There are two standout choices for Christmas tree disposal: Recycling and Crafting. 

In the Columbus area, there are several companies that provide recycling options for Christmas tree disposal, including Kurtz Bros. Depending on your residency, you may have access to free yard waste drop-off locations. 

Additionally, if you are feeling crafty, there are several ways to reuse pieces of your Christmas tree in a fun, artistic way.  

See more details below. 

Which Options Are Environmentally Friendly?

Recycling your live Christmas tree is the best and most environmentally friendly option when disposing of your tree. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, “Real Christmas Trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled for mulch and other purposes.” Recycled trees are often chipped and made into various types of mulch to be used in the spring. It is imperative that you choose to recycle your tree properly rather than just placing it in the trash! 

Repurposing your Christmas tree into a craft can be environmentally friendly too, especially if you choose to utilize pieces of your tree in your yard or garden. 

Just remember – when disposing of your tree – never burn it in a fireplace or a wood stove. Burning the tree may cause unruly fires or unwanted and harmful creosote buildup. 

How Do I Recycle My Tree at Kurtz Bros? 

At Kurtz Bros, we are proud of our commitment to the beneficial reuse and recycling of yard waste. All yard waste, including holiday trees, is recycled and used in our mulches, soils, and composts. 

Therefore, we offer several free drop-off locations for your live Christmas trees after the holiday season. If you reside within Columbus or Franklin county, please determine which location option is best for you. 

Before dropping off your tree at one of our locations, please be sure to conduct some maintenance beforehand. All lights, ornaments, tinsel, ribbon, and any other decorations should first be removed from the tree. 

If your tree is taller than eight feet or wider than twenty inches, we recommend that you cut down the tree into smaller pieces before drop off. You can find more information on our yard waste recycling here.

I’m Feeling Crafty! What Can I Do With My Tree?  

Are you too attached to your beautiful Christmas tree to just drop it off at one of our recycling locations? Or do you need an activity to keep the kids busy during the COVID times? We understand! Don’t worry – there are several environmentally friendly options for tree disposal that will allow you to put your creativity to use. Believe it or not – there are tons of options to repurpose pieces of your Christmas tree. 

Here are some great DIY options for Christmas tree crafts from This Old House:

For the Yard/Garden:

  • Mulch
    • Add nutrients and protection to your garden by placing Christmas tree pine needles and/or chipped trunk wood over your plants, shrubs, and crops
  • Bird Sanctuary
    • Create a bird sanctuary by placing your tree in its stand outside. Hang bird feeders, pinecones with peanut butter, or strung popcorn on the branches to create a welcoming space for birds during the cold winter months
  • Garden Edging 
    • Cutting up pieces of your tree trunk and edging your garden with them could create an eye-catching trim or walkway
  • Garden Insulation
    • Placing branches and boughs over your garden beds will provide protection from snow, ice, and other harsh winter conditions 

For Decoration:

  • Trunk Trivets, Coasters, and Risers
    • Saw the trunk of your tree into various shapes and sizes, sand them down, and then apply some polyurethane on the pieces for a nice, clean shine. Use these pieces as decorative trivets, coasters, and risers for your plants

Wishing you well in whatever you decide to do with your tree!

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