The Difference Between Regular Mulch and Playground Mulch

Regular mulch is made from organic material like tree bark and yard waste. It is used mainly in landscapes for decorative purposes.  It does have other benefits as well such as curtailing weed growth and to control the rate of water loss. It also enhances vibrant growth with yard or garden plants. Playground mulch, on the other hand, is made from ground natural wood from a sawmill. As it names suggests, it used primarily in play areas and on walking paths. Kurtz Bros in Columbus, Ohio carries both standard mulch and playground mulch.

Regular Mulch

Regular mulch meant for yard and gardening purposes needs to be made following a natural process that involves subjection to heat of more than 130 degrees for about three weeks. This helps ensure they are free from plant pathogens, weed seeds and harmful pests. Any other process that ensures the same things can be used as well. Regular mulch has the following qualities:

  •        Adds aesthetic beauty to landscape
  •        Helps keep down weeds
  •        Helps return moisture in the soil

Playground Mulch

Playground mulch, does not have the aesthetic qualities of decorative mulch, however, it does have some upsides. Since it is made from clean wood from a sawmill, you don’t need to worry about your children getting dirty when playing on it.  Since it is not a composted material, you will not have to worry about it breaking down as fast as regular mulch.

Put head to head, both regular mulch and playground mulch provide good results as far as weed control is concerned. Regular mulch releases organic material into the soil whereas playground mulch does not. Playground mulch is great for applications when function is more important than looks, such as a playground, walking path or dog run.