Earth Blend Leaf Compost vs Comtil Plus Compost

Many people are starting to realize the benefits of home gardening—it’s good for the environment and for the overall health of all families. Whether you plan to grow fruit-bearing plants and trees or flowering varieties, choosing the right compost is an essential first step.

Kurtz Bros of Central Ohio in Columbus, OH offers two high-quality compost products: Earth Blend Leaf Compost and Comtil Plus Compost. While both of these products will enrich your soil while adding much needed nutrients, they each have specific benefits to offer and should be considered individually before making a final decision.

Earth Blend Leaf Compost

Earth Blend Leaf Compost offered by Kurtz Bros is made up of decomposed leaf matter. This compost works as a natural fertilizer; it can be used as mulch or as a nutrient rich soil conditioner. Both planting beds and vegetable gardens will benefit from this multipurpose compost. At $27.49/cubic yard, Earth Blend Leaf Compost offers a quality option at an affordable price.

Comtil Plus Compost

Similar to the Earth Blend Leaf Compost, Comtil Plus Compost helps break down clay soil and can be used as mulch and soil conditioner. It is highly recommended for treating poor, underperforming soil; its quality blend is made from the City of Columbus’ residual bio-solids wastewater treatment plants, wood chips, and yard waste.

Comtil Plus Compost also helps the soil to retain moisture and promotes plant root growth as it creates more air space between the soil grains. Other benefits of using Comtil Plus Compost include preventing weeds from growing, protecting plant roots from extreme temperature changes, providing macro and micronutrients to the soil, and the rich, nutty color of the compost makes it an attractive landscaping background. At $32.99/cubic yard, it is a slightly more expensive option but it is worth every penny and should be especially considered when growing decorative flowers and plants.