Topsoil Columbus, Ohio

High Quality, Refined Topsoil Options for Central Ohio

Kurtz Bros offers high-quality topsoil for your  beautiful garden Kurtz Bros in Columbus, Ohio, has what you need to get your beautifully landscaped outdoor area look appealing and renewed. We offer landscape stones, plants, mulch, and more to make your space look exactly the way you want it. It’s time to revive the exterior land of your central Ohio home or business. Come see what we can do for you!

When you shop with us, you also get premium quality topsoil, designed for many different purposes. For instance, our professional blend top soil gives you enriching ingredients and sand particles to increase workability.

Our Bulk Topsoil Selection

Professional Blend Soil

Let your plants thrive with premium, high-quality triple processed soil. This blend is made from screened topsoil, leaf composts, and sand. It provides natural nutrients to your plants and helps enhance root growth. The sand mixes well with your heavy clay soils and reduces compaction. Let your plants and grassy areas flourish!

Growers Blend Soil

Our all purpose topsoil is made from screened, natural topsoil that is amended with 15-20% yard waste compost.  Ideal for most planting applications such as growing grass seed, new lawn installation and property grading.  Can also be used to create new flower beds.

Container Mix

Enjoy the floral results you want with a soil that is designed specifically for container plants. This blend works great for flower pots, window boxes, and seasonal containers. Make that beautiful self-standing floral arrangement on your patio blossom with color or luscious greens!

The precise mixture of premium compost and pine fines in our container mix gives you excellent water retention and great air circulation to make your plant roots stronger and healthier. It also reduces shrinkage and compaction, which, in turn, reduces your need to maintain the potted plants. Get natural fertilization that doesn’t require much treatment.

Experienced Landscaping Advice

In regards to your topsoil needs, Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, Ohio, provides supreme quality products and carries over 20 years of experience in the landscaping industry. You have someone on your side who can provide the right advice and can even help you save money in the long run!

Enjoy bulk savings through our cubic foot pricing and get it delivered right to your home or business, no matter how much you need! Come visit our wholesale flower nursery and landscaping stores, and see for yourself why others come to us for advice and great landscaping products!