Rooftop Garden Soils Columbus, Ohio

Bring Nature Into Your Urban Environment


Kurtz Bros. Central Ohio produces quality green infrastructure soils to fuel the efforts of Ohio’s environmental interests. Businesses can earn LEED credits by utilizing these engineered soils for storm water management.

rooftop garden soil by Kurtz Bros.Rooftop gardens are not only a great way to bring nature into an urban environment, but they also demonstrate commitment to improve the quality of our environment.  Green roofs reduce storm water runoff in effort to prevent sewer overflow. They filter pollutants, enhance air quality and help cut heating and cooling costs.

Kurtz Bros. provides a perfectly engineered, lightweight soil, which allows for sufficient drainage needed for proper agronomic growth. Our rooftop soil satisfies the requirement of multiple plant types and growing conditions for healthy, long-term plant life. We can customize your order to meet any specification, and can provide credits toward LEED certification.  

No job is too big or too small. We can provide great material for corporate social responsibility projects or small rooftop vegetable gardens. Sold in bulk and Super Sac Bags.

Please call Craig Hoitink for a quote, 614-206-7235