River Pebble .5cf bag

$7.00 per bag

Must order minimum of 63 bags and in increments of 63 for delivery. For orders over 252 bags there will be an additional delivery fee. Customers can pickup in any quantity. Only available at Westerville & Dublin.


Round in shape.  Can be used for decorative purposes or for drainage applications.  Unwashed gravel may appear brown in color when delivered.  If using for decorative purposes, we recommend spraying with a hose after it has been installed. Swipe to find a before and after spray picture for reference.

Bags are 0.5cf

½” to 1” sized stone

Recommended for:

  • Backfill
  • Drainage needs
  • Decorative

63 bags per pallet

*Only available at Westerville, Dublin and 1st Impressions

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