Plant Nursery Columbus, Ohio

Accent Your Yard’s Personality with a Vibrant Selection of Nursery Plants

Kurtz Bros. has one of the largest plant nurseries in Central Ohio. Visit one of our Stores in Columbus, OH or browse our website

Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, Ohio, provides you a knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions and make recommendations. We provide Central Ohio with a wide selection of mulch, soil and aggregates and many other residential/commercial products.

We sell perennials, annuals, and biennials in our plant nursery, providing you competitive pricing and the opportunity to actually find what you want from our wide selection! Experience many choices in colorful flowers, shrubs, trees, ferns, vegetables, and other plants to build your yard’s creative appeal! The decades of experience we have provides you the help, guidance, and products you need to maintain that beautiful yard, whether for a home or a business!

Visit our plant nursery for:

  • Foundations - cover up your home’s concrete foundation with some appealing color or luscious greens like midget shrubs and trees.
  • Sidewalks - enhance your pathways and make them more inviting! Plant some all-season miniature trees or get some colorful flowers to liven the area!
  • Driveways - add a welcoming touch to your driveway with landscaped edging…or maybe design landscaped rings on both sides to create some appeal. Either way, you can plant colorful annuals or perennials over the weed blockers and mulch that we also stock!
  • Fences - fences often stand out in any yard, whether used for containment, property marking, or just as decoration. Bring some life to yours with perennials that require little maintenance yet come back year after year!
  • Tall Trees - many homes enhance their beautiful yards with flowers around select trees. Kurtz Bros. gives you that colorful touch through our selection of wholesale perennials, annuals, and biennials!
  • The Yard - you can get creative and/or colorful in your yard with our plant nursery in
    Columbus. Add some borders with wholesale topsoil and mulch to enhance the overall look or maybe decorate your select plot of land with a flower box. The possibilities are endless and our experience can help you get the right setup and the one that you actually want! We also deliver any amount of mulch, aggregates, and soil you need to your home or business!

Our Competitively Priced Plant Selection

Kurtz Bros., plant nursery in Columbus, Ohio, offers competitive pricing to the general public in the Central Ohio area! We can also special order plants for you if needed, and delivery is available for an additional fee. We have a huge variety of plants to cover all of your home or business landscaping needs, including a full line of:

  • Perennials
  • Annuals
  • Grasses
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Ferns
  • And much more!

When you visit the Kurtz Bros. plant nursery, you’ll find us conveniently located next to our landscape center. This gives you the added benefit of getting your plants and your landscape supplies in one stop. We also receive a new supply of inventory several times a week during the spring season. You’ll find competitive prices and a wide selection of quality products. We are here to help and will provide any needed recommendations to ensure your landscape designs look good all year round! If you are looking for someone to plant your trees, we can recommend a local landscaper as well. We can pre-pull large orders for you, too, no matter what plants and flowers you need.