Organic Waste Disposal Columbus, Ohio

 Innovative Organic Waste Disposal Solution

Organic Waste disposal Columbus Ohio - visit Kurtz Bros.

Kurtz Bros. has worked for more than 20 years with industry leaders to develop processes and procedures that take various waste materials and provide a beneficial reuse, or ‘green’ alternative, to landfilling. Our approach has been to innovate and develop technologies that give us the ability to accept these materials in a coordinated way, ensuring we meet all regulatory requirements. Our consulting services include support to the generators and haulers to help manage the waste with logistics and transportation. Kurtz Bros. will also coordinate to get samples tested and obtain the necessary technical data to determine tipping fees.

Quasar Energy Group is an affiliated Kurtz Bros. company that solves waste management issues facing agricultural farmers, industrial food companies, municipal treatment plants and ethanol producers. High solids anaerobic digestion technology is proven, reliable and advanced, and Quasar's engineering and construction services can provide turn-key solutions to any economic or environmental waste challenge while generating sustainable, renewable resources.

Types of materials we can accept at our Anaerobic Digester

  • WWTP sludges (Biosolids)
  • Institutional and industrial food waste solids
  • Industrial Liquid Waste (organic only), i.e., grease traps and high strength streams (no hydrocarbons)

The plant is located at:

2506 Jackson Pike

Columbus OH
For additional information on turning waste into energy, contact Jerry Bennett at 614-915-5724