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High Quality Mulch at Wholesale Prices

Mulch is a great way to enhance your landscaping and provides a cleaner look for just about any residential or commercial property. It comes in many forms from many different materials so your options are more open to get the look you truly desire!

Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, Ohio, manufactures numerous types, colors, and brands of mulch, providing you with more selection to find what you want. Your Central Ohio home or business can get an exterior facelift with a little creative design and the help of our 20+ years of landscaping experience!

Durable, Long-Lasting Mulch Options

If you desire good quality mulch that looks great all year round, we’ve got you covered! Our premium mulches are processed 3 times for a finer texture and have color enhancements to make them last the whole year! If you desire a thicker look, we also carry double processed mulches that have color enhancements, too.

Kurtz Brothers offers red, brown and black mulch delivery.

Mulch selection includes:

  • Triple processed mulch in black and brown
  • Double processed pulch in black, red and brown
  • Economical, composted mulch in dark brown (almost black in color)
  • Shredded mulch from sawmills in light brown

Our Mulch Products Are Designed To Fit Any Needs

Everblack® and Everbrown® Triple Processed Mulch


Get one of these superior quality mulches from Kurtz Bros. in Columbus and get the uniform look you want and the durable color you desire! We process the hardwood three times to give you a finer, smoother look for your residential/commercial landscaping needs. These items also include composted organic material to help provide your soil and plants with micronutrients!

Amerimulch® Black and Amerimulch® Brown Double Processed Mulch


Our double processed mulches provide you a courser look for your home or business landscapes as compared to the triple processed. Get more protection from birds or other animals with the thicker pieces and enjoy the rougher texture it adds to your landscapes. These mulches also give you a full year of deep color and also contain composted organic material.

Playground Mulch

Kurtz Bros. manufactures premium playground mulch to enhance any home or business with durable, long-lasting wood chips. It maintains the natural, light brown look it presents to an area, since it is not dyed in any way! This product is certified by ASTM for use in the state and for city jobs.

Genuine, Superior Products from an Experienced Landscape Supplier

Kurtz Bros. offers other choices in mulch, as well as decorative stones, erosion protection products, and more at our wholesale store located in Columbus. We are Central Ohio’s premier source for many landscaping products and we deliver bulk items right to your home or business! With us, you get the reliability and dependability you need from high quality products and gain the guidance of 20+ years of experience! When you shop with us, you find what you want and end with a welcoming exterior environment that maintains your company profile or impresses others at your home!




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