Landscape Supply in Columbus, OH

Central Ohio’s Leading Landscape Supply Company

Landscape Supply in Columbus, Ohio Your home’s landscape is your very own work of art. Flowers from a nursery can add life to it, while also giving it a personality of its own. Mulch can enhance the appeal and create a cleaner looking area. Decorative boulders add a nice touch to sidewalks, driveways, etc., and decorative stones help maintain the beauty!

Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, Ohio, is a leading supplier of landscape products in the Central Ohio area. We make it easier for you to find everything you need, whether it is for residential or commercial purposes.

Ground Cover Options

  • Mulches - enjoy the beauty of our premium mulches, which are triple processed to give a finer texture and color enhanced to ensure vivid colors all season round. You can also select from our double processed mulches, playground mulches, custom hardwood, hardwood fines and hardwood mulches. Add appealing color to your residential/commercial areas with choices like red, black, brown, and light brown.
  • Aggregates - get what you need for any project,including general construction, foundations, driveways, walkways, etc. We have a wide selection to choose from, including concrete or mason sand, pea gravel, crushed limestone, etc.
    • Gravel - generally used in landscape applications or when putting in French drains.
    • Sand - generally used when installing paver patios or under pool linings (mason sand).
    • Limestone - primarily used in construction projects or on driveways.
  • Decorative stones - gain the beauty of limestone gravel, which is available in various angular shaped sizes…or find the right look with choices including brick chips, lava rocks, Tuscan stones, lucky stones, and more. We can also help you enhance your landscaped areas with our boulders that are 6” or wider.
    • Gravel - our huge product selection of decorative stones offers select options for gravel use.
    • Limestone -our decorative stones include limestone gravel in various sizes to suit any need. Give your home or business an enhanced exterior appearance with this stone.

Landscape Supply: Athletic Fields

  • Sports turf - you can also get sports turf for all your sporting needs, including baseball/softball infields, athletic field tracks, volleyball courts, long jump pits, bocce courts, beaches, and sand boxes. 

Our athletic products include:

  • Standard Infield mixes
  • Infield topdressings
  • Athletic track field sand topdressings
  • Athletic court topdressings
  • And much more!

Ground Maintenance

  • Soils - Kurtz Bros. has a high quality sandy loam top soil. Our Professional Blend includes screened topsoil, leaf compost, and sand.
  • Composts - whether you need compost for mulch purposes or for soil fertilization/conditioning, we stock it!

Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, OH is the one-stop shop for residential and commercial property owners in Central Ohio. We are open to the general public and provide well-grown, colorful plants from our wholesale flower nursery, as well as bulk items like wholesale mulch and decorative stones!

Our landscape supplies give you everything you need to enhance your athletic fields or outdoor areas. We provide premium, high quality soils, sands, gravels, stones, mulches, composts, and many other landscape supply materials! Delivery is available on any large items like salt, ground covers, or stone materials no matter how much you need!