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Filter Sock Columbus, Ohio


Filter Sock Columbus Ohio

Erosion Control product often used in place of silt fence.  For more information, please contact Rob Misso with E&S Supply at 216-570-2306.


Filter Sock - visit Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, Ohio




Our Locations

6055 Westerville Rd
Tel: 614.882.0200

6279 Houchard Rd
Tel: 614.873.2000

711 Frank Rd
Tel: 614-406-7720

Alexandria (Brookside)
2409 Johnstown-Alexandria Rd
Tel: 740.739.4637

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Kurtz Bros Central Ohio is rated 3.9 out of 5 based on 76 reviews from around the Web.
Was in and out quickly to get what I needed. The mulch was great quality. No peices of bags or large peices of wood etc in the mulch like I have experienced...