Professional and Year-Round Mulch Delivery


Kurtz Bros. Central Ohio delivers all of our products year-round in a timely and professional manner. We provide multiple ways to satisfy your delivery needs.  Call us to help plan your next delivery, or place an order with us online.

We are proud to offer fast delivery service but commonly ask for at least 24 hours notice to set up a delivery.  We are also flexible when it comes to inclement weather and can work around rainy days or weeks.

Delivery Policies:

Any truck making a typical delivery will drop material on the driveway or any paved path or road.  Our trucks are not capable of driving off a paved road on to lawns or into backyards.    Additionally, our trucks will need to have vertical clearance free from trees, power lines, basketball hoops, etc. when dumping the material.

Delivery truck options

Single-Axle Dump Trucks

Our single-axle dump trucks are capable of hauling 1-10 yards of mulch or compost, 1-9 yards of soil or tons of aggregates. They weigh roughly 9-10 tons empty and will need vertical clearance of 16 ft. when dumping. These trucks are the perfect solution for small amounts of material delivered to residential neighborhoods.

Six-Axle Dump Trucks

Our six-axle dump trucks are capable of hauling 11-35 yards of mulch or compost, 10-20 yards of soil and tons of aggregates. They weigh roughly 14-15 tons empty and will need vertical clearance of 30 ft. when dumping. These trucks are fully capable of delivering to job sites as well as residential neighborhoods.

Walking Floors

Our walking floor trucks are semi-sized trailers that can haul up to 100 yards of mulch, depending on the weight of the material.  These trucks cannot carry soils or aggregates. They are perfect for very large mulching jobs, such as playgrounds or corporate parks, and a great option for stocking products at a resale store.

Unfortunately, the trucks are not able to “tailgate” the material.

Additional On-Site Services

Slinger Service

Have a limited access area? Slinger trucks are perfect for jobs requiring soil or aggregates and especially in areas with limited access to conventional dump trucks.  Save time and money by hiring a slinger truck to complete your job! Slinger trucks have the capability to place product exactly where it is needed and can save time and man hours.

20 yard minimum load size required.  Additional hourly rate my apply for jobs taking over half an hour. Due to limited availablity, slinger trucks may need to be reserved 3-5 days in advance.

Mobile Wood Grinding

Kurtz Bros., Inc. pioneered the process of recycling clean wood waste from many sources to produce color enhanced mulch. Please call for a quote on wood waste grinding.

Screening Service

Have soil or compost that needs to be screened? We have the capabilities to screen from 1 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch with our mobile screeners. Call for your free, no obligation quote.