Recycling Your Yard

6214-101413-gs6214Every gardener knows that his garden is the perfect center for recycling almost any organic waste. Here, you will find the secret of turning your garden trash into tools. To do so, you can start with collecting handy-looking objects. That way, you will find many junk items to recycle in less than an hour’s time.

When we talk about recycling the yard, what kind of trash do you think you should collect? If you are doing it for the first time, you will need a lot of time to decide your favorite ones, and those who already have a few favorites must be aware of the potential uses of those objects. In short, anything that you think can be recycled and used for any other purpose is a good candidate to pick from the trash you just collected. Here are a few tips for yard waste recycling to give you a better insight.

Did you know that reflected light has proven to be highly effective in keeping plant-eating insects away, including aphids? Also, some plants enjoy improved productivity when they get additional reflected sunlight. So what are the things that you can use from your yard trash to get all these benefits? Let’s find out below:

Take those shiny metal-lids from food cans and use them as reflectors by placing them on the ground right under the foliage of sunlight-loving plants. You will get bigger and better plants without any trouble of insects.

How about using those big squares of aluminum foil around small garden rocks? You can use them to distribute strawberry beds to hasten the ripening of berries even in cooler areas. The garden rocks can absorb and hold heat during day and release the same during cool nights that will help the strawberries grow well during ripening period.

These shiny stones have another important use, too. The foil used for wrapping will bounce the sunlight to the undersides of leaves. As a result, insects that hide there will no longer be able to harm the plant.

For more ideas on how to recycle your yard waste, check with the professional landscaping providers at Kurtz Brothers in Columbus, Ohio.