What Is The Difference Between Garden Soil and Potting Soil?

110224 0016-26-800-650-80Growing healthy plants is not just a matter of placing them in the ground or container and watering them. It all begins with understanding and choosing the right soil. What most people don't understand is that there is a significant difference between garden soil and potting soil. Kurtz Bros in Westerville, Groveport, Dublin, and Alexandria Ohio stock several varieties to provide what you need. Knowing how they work is the key in using the correct type for your plants.

Gardening Soil Defined

Gardening soil, also known as topsoil, is a natural soil. It is found in the ground and can be mixed with other ingredients to promote healthy plant growth. Common mixtures to topsoil include manure and compost. These mixtures are meant to be "conditioners" to the topsoil because topsoil in and of itself is typically not quite sufficient in making plants grow. It is generally for outdoor plant use due to its natural properties that enable healthy roots and ultimately,enable healthy plants.

The Wonders of Potting Soil

On the other hand, there is potting soil. This soil, as the name suggests, is generally used with potted plants in indoor settings. Because potted plants lack natural nutrients found in topsoil and due to the plant growth environment; potting soil is required to be different from topsoil in terms of composition. Unlike topsoil, potting soil may have little to no natural soil content because it is manufactured from natural and man-created elements. Often, it is made out of different ingredients such as moss, sphagnum, bark, coconut husks, vermiculite, and coir.

These ingredients are used in the soil in order to allow enough air to the roots, while still keeping a soil-like texture that promotes moisture retention and adequate drainage as needed in potted plants. Potting soil is sterilized, which helps in eliminating any growth of harmful substances to the plant such as weeds and fungus. For potted plants, this is critical for they are in a moist environment and hence quite vulnerable to harmful substances.