Comparing Regular Mulch to Playground Mulch

22-1013-P0022Regular mulch is made from organic material like trees and yard or domestic waste. It is used mainly in gardens to curtail weed growth and to control the rate of water loss. It also enhances vibrant growth with yard or garden plants. Playground mulch, on the other hand, is made from various materials like rubber or natural wood chips. It is used in gardening but mostly for playground applications. Kurtz Bros in Columbus, Ohio carries both standard mulch and playground mulch.

Regular Mulch

Regular mulch meant for yard and gardening purposes needs to be made following a natural process that involves subjection to heat of more than 130 degrees for about three weeks. This helps ensure they are free from plant pathogens, weed seeds and harmful pests. Any other process that ensures the same things can be used as well. Regular mulch has the following qualities:

  • Ensures effective weed control
  • Degenerates into soil nutrients and enhanced soil fertility
  • Are softer with a more shredded texture

Playground Mulch

Playground mulch, especially the kind made of recycled rubber, may sound as aesthetic as a synthetic Christmas tree. However, the truth is it has pretty decent upsides. It eliminates the need to mulch annually and is heavy enough to resist erosion by the elements. Playground mulch is however more flammable than regular mulch. Kurtz Bros carries the refined wood version of playground mulch.

Put head to head, both regular mulch and playground mulch provide good results as far as weed control is concerned. Regular mulch releases organic material into the soil whereas playground mulch does not. Regular mulch is also more suitable for diverse purposes, play fields included, because it contains no additives and chemicals that may prove toxic. Playground mulch may leach into the soil and may also contain nylon and mini pieces of steel that makes it not entirely suitable for use in playgrounds despite the name. It does however weather gracefully and does not easily float off.