Difference between Concrete and Mortar

wash 755-1113vv-nvHome is one place that we all take a rest from the hassles of the day. Home remains one place where one can continually invest no matter the kind of job you're doing. Improving the value of your home is the best thing one can do because after everything, all people retire to their homes. Landscaping is very important when it comes to owning that beautiful outdoor look. It usually involves more than just planting and maintaining grass in your home as most people think. Whenever they seek landscaping supplies, they have to decide on the material that will be used.

The path leading to your home is an essential part that should never be omitted when doing landscaping. Here, homeowners have to choose between concrete and mortar. But in most cases, not everyone understands the differences between these two construction materials. Landscaping suppliers like Kurtz Bros in Central Ohio advise clients on the best materials to use help you get what you need. Aside from that, what is the difference between concrete and mortar?

  • They are both used in construction and most people assume the difference comes from how each is used.
  • Each one is specialized for particular uses, but both actually have different properties to them.

About Mortar

Mortar basically consists of a mixture of sand, water and cement. It is a holding material that is used to hold bricks together when building. It is also used to make pave stones or stepping stones. The water is basically used to hydrate the cement and activate it to act as an adhesive or as a solid material when it settles. Mortal is ideal for structural joints as it can last for 20 to 25 years. It lacks the gravel component that is found in concrete, but does work well as stepping stones or decorative landscape borders.

About Concrete

This is a mixture of sand, water and cement but unlike mortar; there is the addition of gravel and rock. Concrete is best used for structural projects as it can form a firm support above the soil. It can be used to form the architectural portion of a home or building.


Before you start working on any project in your home, it is essential to know the best material to use. Both mortar and concrete are available in many versions, such as sand mix, high strength, multi-purpose, etc. Kurtz Bros in Central Ohio can be trusted to help you choose the right landscaping materials and get the right level of appeal for your home.