Reducing Weed Germination and Growth in Your Garden

iStock 000018810800LargeThere are manydifferent types of weeds, and they can cause damage to your precious plants. Weeds can be classified into two main categories:grass weeds and wide leaf weeds. They take nutrients away from the other plants nearby, and steal space in your yard or garden. Weeds can quickly take over andnegatively affect your garden. It is vital that you eradicate them efficiently, so they don't regrow to cause damage to your plants. There are a few effective ways to reduce or eliminate weeds:


There are many chemical that are effective at eliminating the weeds from the garden, known as herbicides.Herbicides can kill the weeds in germination period and they are also able to destroy pre-existing weeds that are mature. Be careful not to overspray these products, as they can sometime be harmful to your other plants.

Hand Pulling

Hand pulling is the quickest way of removing weeds, as it removes them immediately, and is often still required after using herbicides. While it does take a bit more physical effort, the garden will be free from weeds.


Covering the ground with mulch can restrict weed growth. By placing a layer of mulch in your garden you are reducing the development of weeds that are unwanted in your garden. 

These are a few of the strategies which can help you eliminate weeds from your garden. It's vital that you recognize how you can't remove them permanently; they willreappear over time. Nevertheless, you can take effectively seize control so they do not take over your whole garden. Kurtz Bros in Dublin, Ohio would be happy to assist you with your landscaping and lawn care supplies.