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Kurtz Bros. Central Ohio produces quality Green Infrastructure soils to fuel the efforts of Ohio’s environmental interests.  Businesses can earn LEED credits by utilizing these engineered soils for storm water management.

Bioretention soils in Columbus, OHIO - visit Kurtz Bros. website or storesBioretention soil is used in bioswales, raingardens, and other storm water management applications. These bioretention areas are landscaping features adapted to provide on-site treatment of storm water runoff. They are commonly located in parking lot islands or within small pockets of residential land where the contamination of oil, radiator coolant and debris from asbestos brake linings is prevalent.

Surface runoff is directed into the shallow, vegetated landscaped depressions, which are designed to incorporate many pollutant removal mechanisms that are seen in natural forested ecosystems. The runoff from larger storms is generally diverted past the facility to the storm drain system; however, the remaining runoff filters through the mulch and our bioretention soil mix. The filtered runoff can be collected in a perforated underdrain and returned to the storm drain system.

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Local bioretention areas featuring the specially formulated KB Bioretention Soil remove 30% - 80% of sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, suspended solids, floating trash, heavy metals, bacteria, greases, oils and turbidity.

Creating a raingarden is an aesthetically pleasing way to address environmental issues and satisfies the EPA’s Phase 2 requirements.

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