Structural Soil Columbus, Ohio

Quality Green Infrastructure Solutions In Central Ohio


Kurtz Bros. of Central Ohio produces quality green infrastructure soils to fuel the efforts of Ohio’s environmental interests.  Businesses can earn LEED credits by utilizing these engineered soils for storm water management.

Kurtz Bros. offer structural soil for all urban landscaping needsCU-Structural Soil is a patented blend of coarse aggregate-amended clay loam and hydrogel tackifier. It is proportioned so that when compacted in place, the aggregate is in a dense state, forming a rigid, load-bearing stone lattice capable of supporting pavement. The soil within the aggregate void matrix is not over-compacted and allows for the root growth trees need.

Kurtz Bros. CU-Structural soil is designed to be used in urban settings for planting trees within sidewalks and other hardscapes, as well as along roads.  It helps to prolong the life of urban trees, while simultaneously preventing interference with pavement integrity.

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