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Athletic Field Natural Sand Topdressing & Maintenance Blends


TurfPro Topdressing Blends

We have a variety of blends specifically developed to create high performance topdressing materials for native soil sports fields.

TurfPro 820C is a blend of enviro spec sand and compost.

TurfPro 622C is a blend of enviro spec sand, compost and topsoil.

These blends are engineered to add essential nutrients to your athletic fields while enhancing the soil profile. We can also custom blend any mix to meet customer specification.

Gridiron Mix 

The Gridiron Mix is an Enviro Spec sand and topsoil blend material good for natural athletic fields.  Enviro Spec sand is a narrowly graded natural sand engineered to improve soil performance.

Volleyball and Long Jump Sand

This sand provides a safe, clean surface for volleyball courts or long jump pits.  It drains well with little silt/clay content and has no large stones or other contaminants. Its light tan to gold color helps to reduce glare

Recommended for:

  • Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Long Jump Pits
  • Bocce court
  • Beaches
  • Sand boxes/Play sand


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