Landscaping Stone Columbus, Ohio

High Quality Landscaping Stones at Affordable Prices

Lanscaping stones are a great way to enhance your garden and backyard. Visit Kurtz Bros. stores for a wide selection of landscaping stones! Whether you have a business or own a home, outdoor areas say a lot about you or the company. Walkways, dining areas, relaxation areas, entrances, driveways, parking lots, foundation fronts, and many other areas create an impression about the company or about the home and its owners. Landscaping stones enhance appeal and promote a cleaner looking, more comfortable area used for walking, driving, decorating, filling, or any other type of need.

Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, Ohio, carries high-quality, multi-purpose landscaping aggregates for just about any needs that you may have! Our Central Ohio locations offer stone by the ton, and the more you buy, the more you save! We can deliver your order for you, no matter how much you need!

Our landscaping stones include:

  • Aggregate Gravel Stone—clean up your driveway, parking areas, or walkways with some highly durable limestone gravel. Get ¼”-½” or ½”-1” stones.
  • Aggregate Decorative/Landscape Stones—freshen up your landscaped areas of perennials with multi-colored, decorative stones--available in ½”-1” stone or ¼”-½” pea gravel. Enjoy long-lasting appeal from these stones and reduce the needs for maintenance.
  • Construction/Foundation Aggregates—we stock ½”-1” limestone for your backfill and concrete base needs, but it can also be used for driveways.

Durable Sand Aggregates Also Available For Landscaping

Kurtz Bros. in Columbus, Ohio, also stocks sand aggregates for your landscaping needs. Choose concrete sand to use as the final base underneath your stepping stones, concrete pavers, and patio stones. If you need finer sand like mason sand for underneath a pond or swimming pool, we’ve got that, too! You may also want to use the mason sand in between pavers and patio stones.

No matter what type of landscaping stone or sand you need, we can deliver it right to your Central Ohio home or business! You save money by purchasing in bulk, as well as a lot of time loading and unloading like you would with bagged stone or sand.  Our decades of experience in the landscaping industry give you the help and guidance you desire, and the right products for your landscaping needs!