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Kurtz Bros. employees take pride in the company’s strong family tradition, history of growth and innovative approach to problem solving in the green industry. A diverse company, Kurtz Bros. has dedicated over 20 years of service to Central Ohio’s landscaping needs and caring for Ohio’s environment and natural resources. Using specialized techniques in resource management, we produce the finest topsoil, mulch and compost, and offer beautiful plants to make attractive yards and gardens for Central Ohio landscapers and homeowners.

When Mel Kurtz started selling topsoil from his Cleveland farm in 1948, he never dreamed his family business would grow into a leading supplier of landscaping materials, nor become a frontrunner in recycling technologies. In 1992, after several successful years in business in Northern Ohio, Kurtz Bros., Inc. decided to expand the business to Columbus under the direction of Mel’s son Tom. Kurtz Bros. Central Ohio has been a pioneer in the industry ever since.

Kurtz Bros. continues to earn an excellent reputation for serving the landscaping, construction, demolition and recycling industries of Ohio. We specialize in finding beneficial reuse opportunities for what others consider waste, and have a wide range of solutions that incorporate these recyclable materials. This keeps us, and the industries we help remain highly sustainable; these actions help to extend the life of bulging landfills and tremendously benefit our fragile environment.

We believe in maintaining a positive influence to green initiatives and will strive to continue to be a leader in Central Ohio’s landscaping, storm water management, and recycling efforts.

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