Let Your Mulch Manage Your Garden

2332-112013-dsc0874The Magic of Mulch

By adding mulch to your flowers and gardens, you are enhancing its health and adding to the superb appearance of your landscaping.

Covering your flower beds with a single layer of mulch helps with keeping weeds at bay along with reducing the need for constant watering.

The dark soil surfaces that exist after applying mulch also help prevent annual pesky weeds from sprouting ruining your flowers’ health and appearance.

Mulches come in various types. They differ in composition, appearance, and texture, each having influence on the way you will use them. If you need help choosing the right mulch in the Columbus, Ohio area, check with professional landscape suppliers like Kurtz Brothers.

To get the most from your mulch, here are some mulching tips:

Variations in Appearance

If you are hoping for an appealing natural look to your garden, your best choice is darker-colored mulch. If you can find organic mulch from compost or bark, go with this option.

For a garden that shines with a brilliant sparkle, go with a bright gravel mulch. Straw is an excellent choice for vegetable and fruits.

Always avoid using beauty bark or mulch made with colors as dyes can be harmful to your plants.

Improving Your Garden Soil

You want to strive to improve your soil year after year. In order for this to take place, organic mulch that will break down into fresh, organic matter to your soil is your best option.

Using Texture Where it Matters

To achieve the maximum effect for a texture from one thin layer, shop for a fine-textured mulch, such as:

  • Compost
  • Cocoa hulls
  • Twice-shred bar
  • Mulching Tips of the trade

If you are seeking an airy-type mulch, consider bark chunks or straw which adds coarse textures.

Using generous amounts of straw or hay when your ground has its first frost will help keep your ground frozen until the end of harsh winter. At this point removing and replacing the mulch will be necessary.

A layering of newspaper with or without a layer of mulch will kill any unwanted weeds or sod. Not only does this cut off the sunlight to the unwanted plants the paper will decay adding compost to your garden.

By adding compost or mulch to your gardens, you are allowing mother nature's products to be recycled time and time again. Nothing gets wasted, and your garden is healthy and greener with each year.