Tips on Complimenting Your Outdoors with Mulch

Different mulches are known to have different uses and functions, from water preservation to the protection of roots from extreme and fluctuating temperatures to anything in between. Unbeknownst to many though are other creative uses for mulch aside from gardens. Because it’s not all mulches that have other alternative uses, it’s important to identify those that can be used for such activities. They include but are not limited to the following:

    • Pebble Mulch
    • Rock Mulch
    • Pumice Rock Mulch
    • Wood Chips, Sawdust and Shredded Bark
    • Mulches as Pathways and Driveways

The use of pebble mulch on driveways and pathways is quite common. They are popular for this purpose because they allow water to easily drain through them. This is one major advantage these mulches have over common materials used for pathways and driveways such as asphalt and cement. They are also relatively cheaper and easy to maintain. When using pebble mulch it is advisable to use medium-sized pebbles or gravel, if they are too small they will be pushed out of their intended area. The best arrangement, though; is to have them confined within a structure that’s trenched.

Mulches as Markings

Pumice rock or general rock mulches can be used to mark your outdoor area and give some glitter and glamour to the place. They can be used to divide areas such as a vegetable patch from a grassy area, and relatively large rock mulches can also be used to either hide or block areas such as unfinished fences or newly planted areas.

When using rock mulches for marking purposes, it is advisable to take into consideration the color of the house and that of the stones. If you want a more spacious image then go for complimentary colors. Alternatively, you can use stones with similar colors as your house to promote the illusion that the stones are part of your home.

When using the above mentioned mulches, it is important to take into consideration the surface texture of the stones, this is especially so when you have them in pathways and around swimming pools. This is important so as to avoid instances of slipping or falling.

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