How to Make Pave Stones for Your Walkway

1783091-wooden-walkway-to-beach-040214-599A walkway designed with stone pavers is an excellent way to save your exterior from being compacted and trampled by foot traffic. In fact, it’s an easy and convenient one day project for DIY enthusiasts. The hardest part in this process is mixing the wet stone dust, which acts as the pavers’ base. You will also have to carefully lift and move the stone. Kurtz Brothers in Columbus, OH has what you need to get this accomplished. Here is how to create lovely paving stones for that future walkway of yours.

Making the Perfect Walkway

Your walkway needs to be wide enough to easily accommodate at least two people at the same time. You should include some curves, and plan your walkway around some trees or other objects. This will make it look more visually appealing. It’s important to lay out the specific dimensions with a standard garden hose. In case the grade’s too steep, you should take a more meandering route.

When you dig out your walkway, you should check the grade at different intervals. This will make sure the surface area is level. It’s perfect to use a slope of around 1/8 inch per foot. You should dig about 8 inches deep, and leave some extra room on both sides to work with. The area should be able to accommodate a 4 inch layer of gravel and a 2 inch layer of sand. This will define the overall thickness of paver stones. If you plan on having a raised walkway, it can eliminate most of your excavation work.

It’s important to install crushed gravel or base layer. You should use a rake to carefully spread out the material evenly. You also need to use a plate compactor to compress it. Do the same with paver sand. When you use matching paver and stone combinations, you can even create a walkway with almost any kind of pattern.

If you want a cleaner edge, you should mark and cut the paver stones with a high quality masonry saw. Last but not the least; you need to use a broom to brush the paver sand into the crevices and cracks. This will bind the paver stones in place.