Types of Concrete and Their Uses

textures-concrete-and-stone-69There are many different types of concrete, and each type is designed for a certain application. Given the world’s continuously growing needs, new concrete formulas are being created on a regular basis. Below is a brief overview of the most common types of concrete and their uses: 

Regular Concrete 

Regular concrete involves the classic mix of sand and other aggregates, as instructed on the commercially available packets of cement. It can withstand a pressure that ranges between 1450 psi and 5800 psi, and it is designed for light duty applications. This type is typically what you would find your driveway is made of. 

Stamped Concrete

This is a rather advanced architectural concrete, and what makes the stamped concrete stand out from the crowd is that it has a very attractive and textured finish, and can be made to resemble real stone, brick, tile, or even wood. Stamped concrete is very popular amongst landscape architects and it is widely used for outdoor remodeling projects.

High Performance Concrete

High performance concrete, or HPC, is a very strong type of concrete that is easy to use. It allows compaction without segregation, has a very early age strength, is highly permeable, very dense, and it can maintain its mechanical properties in the long run. Besides this, high performance concrete is specifically designed for severe environments and harsh weather conditions. 

Concrete is important for many applications, such as driveways and garden paths. It can also have other uses for garden and landscape design. The professionals at Kurtz Brothers in Columbus, Ohio, can assist you with all your landscaping needs.