Exciting Stone Design Ideas for Your Landscape

5452-101413-gs5452Stone designs are a great addition to any outdoor landscape. There are many design ideas that one can explore and then select from. By looking at different design ideas you will find the size and shape of the stones that will look the best in your yard.

Variety in the Stones Available for Your Garden:

  • Color-accent stones
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Texture

Creating Balance

When you are designing a garden path, not every stone has to be the same size or shape. Once you have decided on the most suitable design and color, selecting the size and shape is a simple task. Random sizes can bring great character to a full and natural, uncut garden. However, repeating more or less the exact same distances between each stone in your garden is important for balancing your design. Larger stones are usually a good choice for gardens that hold abundant blooms because they will not look overwhelmed or out of place. Your garden path design could be matched up with the design, color and style of your garden patio. The very same stones can be use throughout, even for the deck.

Ideas for Large Landscapes

If you have a large landscape area that extends across farmlands, you could create a variety of interesting stone pathways of many different colors, shapes and designs. You can choose stones of a color that is exciting and creates contrast, or you can choose stone colors that are in harmony with the existing landscape.

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