How To: Plant Maintenance

liteicon plus 24Maintaining healthy plants is a very complicated task. Each one requires a certain amount of daily care to keep it in optimum condition. Plants that grow in an outside garden are prone to a number of issues, including insect invasions, weeds, brown leaves, droughts, and more. Nevertheless, there are a few practical tips on plant maintenance that will keep those outdoor plants in tip top shape.

Watering Your Plants

An important part of plant maintenance is proper watering. Don't assume that all the plants in the garden require the same amount of water. Different plants have different requirements. Investigate each one’s particular requirements and group like plants together. Remember to water on a regular schedule. A few more helpful watering tips include:

  • Invest in a soak hose to water plants efficiently.
  • Never wet the leaves in direct sunlight because it might cause damage.
  • Avoid over watering the plants because it might cause root rot.

Providing Proper Lighting

Another part of regular plant maintenance involves making sure that the plants receive proper lighting. Choose plants to fit the amount of sun that your garden receives. For example, one may require full sunlight during the day and should be planted in a garden or yard that receives at least six hours of bright sunlight. Additional tips include the following:

  • ‘Shade’ loving plants only require about 2 hours of partial light per day.
  • ‘Partial sun’ loving plants generally prefer 3 to 4 hours of bright light per day.

Know the Soil Requirements

Another couple key thoughts with plant maintenance includesknowing what type of soil characteristics each plant requires and making sure that the soil is rich with organic material to keep the plant healthy and growing strong. Some plants require easily drained soil, while others love to soak. Regardless of drainage requirements, the best soil includes a generous amount of compost and peat to help promote proper growth. Replace garden soil on a regular basis to make sure that plants receive the proper nutrients. Other tips to use are the following:

  • Replace the soil in garden containers every year to keep plants healthy.
  • Level the soil to properly feed all the plants in the garden or a container.
  • Use small stones or rocks to make soil drain better if plant requires well drained soil.

In using these great tips, you will have a beautiful garden to enhance your home. If you are in need of any plants, Kurtz Bros in Columbus, OH has what you need to make that beautiful landscape stand out and look beautiful.