Baseball and Softball turf Columbus, Ohio

Premium Baseball and Softball Turf That Can Be Delivered

Skinned Infield Mixes

KB Infield Mix

KB Infield Mix is a special blend of clay silt and fine mason sand screened to 1/8”. This distinct blend helps retain moisture in skinned areas, yet allows water to be effectively shed off of a properly graded infield. KB Infield Mix is 60-70% sand with the remainder of the material being silts and clays.

Recommended for:

  • Construction of skinned areas for baseball and softball fields
  • Topdressing of skinned areas for baseball and softball fields


  • Sand content helps prevent compaction in dry times
  • Silt and Clay content is high enough to bind the material together without holding too much moisture
  • Material is very workable and can be put down with a topdresser

Infield Topdressings

KB Brick Dust

Brick screenings are used to amend infields. It reduces compaction and increases playability. KB Brick Dust uses reclaimed, environmentally friendly material.



Softball and baseball turf Columbus, Ohio